Monday, October 7, 2019


This is the story of KAUTSA MUNI.

When he was a young boy, KAUTSA MUNI was sent to RISHI VARTANTU for higher education.
KAUTSA being a brilliant student soon learnt all the 14 Vidyas from RISHI VARTANTU and became expert in all the sciences.
On completion of his education, KAUTSA, now a MUNI…..KAUTSA MUNI expressed his desire to give his RISHI VARTANTU, his guru, GURU DAKSHINA.

RISHI VARTANTU was having none of it and rejected the offering saying “You learnt all the vidyas with utmost faith, implement them, that itself will be my GURU DAKSHINA

But, KAUTSA MUNI was adamant on giving Dakshina as he felt that otherwise the knowledge he learnt will not bear any fruit.

On seeing his disciple’s insistence, annoyed and unhappy RISHI VARTANTU reluctantly agreed and knew that KAUTSA MUNI was from a extremely poor background, deliberately asked KAUTSA MUNI to bring 14 CRORES of GOLD COINS (1 CRORE for each of the 14 Vidyas) with the condition that all the coins must be from the SAME PLACE.

KAUTSA MUNI was stumped and didn’t have a clue how to get such a huge number of GOLD COINS that too from a single place.
After meeting many learned persons, he felt that meeting KING RAGHU of Ayodhya (LORD RAMA’s ancestor) would get him his desired GOLD COINS.

KING RAGHU was famous for his generosity.

KING RAGHU welcomed KAUTSA MUNI warmly and washed his feet with water filled in CLAY POT.
Seeing this, KAUTSA hesitantly informs KING RAGHU “Rajan, I had come here to ask you for 14 CRORES of GOLD COINS to pay GURU DAKSHINA to RISHI VARTANTU, but seeing that you don’t even have a GOLD POT to wash a Rishi’s feet, I better move

KING RAGHU had just spent his entire treasury on doing the VISWAJIT YAGNA and didn’t have any money but the KING  didn’t want a Brahmin to leave empty handed. He requested 2 days time from KAUTSA to arrange for the GOLD COINS.

After deep thought, KING RAGHU felt that attacking KUBERA, the king of Wealth was the best way to get the required 14 CRORE GOLD COIN.
Accordingly, On advise of KAUTSA MUNI, the King RAGHU decided that the war would be fought on SHUDH NAVAMI of Ashwin Masa (9th day of Dasara).

But, KUBERA realizing the strength and bravery of KING RAGHU himself came down to earth, and told KING RAGHU “Raja, I have filled the SHAMMI tree (BANNI tree) on the outskirts of AYADHYA with GOLD COINS. Take as many as you want”.

KING RAGHU handed over all the Gold coins to KAUTSA MUNI. 

KAUTSA MUNI then went and offered all the GOLD COINS to his guru RISHI VARTANTU.

RISHI VARTANTU found that KAUTSA had bought far more extra GOLD COINS than the 14 CRORE asked for.
He returned all the extra coins to KAUTSA MUNI. 

In turn, KAUTSA MUNI returned all the extra coins to KING RAGHU.

KING RAGHU didn’t want to take back what was given in charity and hence he went back to the SHAMMI TREE on the outskirts of AYODHYA and kept  all the remaining GOLD COINS under the same tree. 

The people of AYODHYA after the VIJAYA DASHMI pooja went to this SHAMMI tree, worshipped it and exchanged GOLD COINS amongst themselves.

The tradition continues to this day.
People on the VIJAYA DASHAMI day worship the SHAMMI tree and exchange the leaves of the tree symbolizing the exchange of GOLD COINS and express happiness.

Share what you have.
Exchange leaves, hearts and be happy.
King Raghu had become virtually penniless after VISHWAJIT YAGNA but still he did not keep anything for himself but kept the GOLD COINS returned by KAUTSA MUNI back into the SHAMMI TREE