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The following incident is mentioned in KARNA PARVA

On the 17th day of the Mahabharata war in Kurukshetra, Karna was at his ferocious best.
He defeated Yudhistra and wounded him. Nakula saved Yudhistra and sped away to the camp.

After some time, Arjuna comes to Yudhitra's tent. Seeing Arjuna, Yudhistra thinking that Karna is killed by Arjuna starts praising him.

When Arjuna informs that he hasnt killed Karna, Yudhistra is not only disappointed but very angry and losing his temper, started shouting at Arjuna using words like 

"You are an incompetent archer, What use is this Gandiva, throw it into the Sea, etc"

Arjuna immediately becomes wild at Yudhistra especially when his favourite bow Gandiva is made fun of.
In fact, Arjuna had made a secret vow that whoever\ makes fun of Gandiva will be killed.
Arjuna takes out a sword to kill Yudhistra and moves towards.
However, he  immediately realises the foolishness of his impending act and stops himself.
But, since he had already made a vow, he looked at Lord Krishna for a escape route.

Lord Krishna smiles....and says
"Insult Yudhistra, as abusing an elder is bad as Killing him"

So Arjuna insults Yudhistra with words like
"you are a foolish brother who lost brothers and wife in a game of dice " ! and such dirty words.

But, Arjuna was devastated  and ashamed and filled with complete guilt for using such low language against his beloved brother and was repentant and wanted killing himself.

Laughing Lord Krishna said "Dear Arjuna, now praise yourself, its as good as a Suicide (killing yourself)."

Now, Arjuna starts praising himself sky high !

And as HE did so many times,  Lord Krishna saved both Arjuna and Yudhistra and the Pandavas yet again.


1. Habits makes your character : 

Imagine, just 17 days ago, Arjuna had received the great immortal gyan from Lord Krishna in the form of Bhagwad Gita and he could no longer keep in check his anger and ego.
Even with best of teacher and best of lesson, unless you implement and make it an habit.....the learning is incomplete.

2. Murder and Suicide are most unacceptable
Both committing a murder and a Suicide is taking lives. You do not have right to do that.
Dharma, Artha, Kama Moksha is achievable only with this body. Thus destruction of this living body is not allowed.

3. Self-praise is equal to killing oneself
Praising oneself sky high is as equivalent to killing oneself.

4. Abusing and disrespecting is equal to killing the other person. 
Yes. Words wrongly used can be more deadly than even death. Use Words carefully.
When a person is disrespected, it is like he is dead even though he is alive.
The feeling is the same as death when you are disrespected.

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It was the time after Mahabharatha war was over. Draupadi was sitting in her garden and remembering about the past incidents.
At that time arrived her all time saviour Bhagwan Krishna.

Bhagwan Krishna: Sakhii! Why are you sad?You should be happy that at last you avenged your dishonour.

Draupadi: Govind don’t act like that you don't know anything. Yes all my vows have been fulfilled. But can I ask you something to which you should reply honestly. You've led the Mahabharata war. With many tactics you reestablished Dharma. ALL ARE TRUE. But when Dushasan caught on my hair and dragged me to the court at last moment only you came to rescue me but I was shamed on the whole court.
Why didn't you come to my rescue when Dushasana was approaching me? If you had rescued me no Mahabharata war would have took place. Answer me.

To which Bhagwan Krishna replied with a smile.

Bhagwan Krishna: It was not my fault. When Dushasana was approaching you, you should have remembered me. But you believed in your own strength and fought against him. When you were dragged into the court you called out everyone except me for the help. When you thought nobody is gonna help you, you called for me for my help. I'm not residing in Dwaraka or in Vaikunth. I reside in the heart of a true worshipper. If you would have called out for my help when Dushasan approached you, I would have come for your rescue.
After hearing this Draupadi fell to his feet.
Bhagwan Krishna resides in our Hearts.
Keep remembering HIM all the time.

Source : Various Sources
This particular story is written very well in a Kannada book” Krishnavatarada Koneya Dinagalu” by a well known author Prof. S.K. Narayanacharya. The learned professor is at home in English,Tamil, Samaskrit,and of course Kannada.When Krishna was about to leave this world as Kaliyuga was setting in, he calls the dead ones Karna, Arjuna,
Draupadi, Gandhari etc., and talks to them individually and tries to dispel their misgivings about him. This is an excellent read.