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The Soul stirring story of Lord Pundalik Maharaj

Sant Pundalik Maharaj was the Saint who made even the LORD VISHNU/KRISHNA/VITTALA  wait and actually got boon for this!
Yes...Its truly an amazing story.
Here it goes...

Pundalik was born around 5th Century.
Pundalik was a self-indulgent person who cared for himself more than anyone else in the World. 

He was living with his wife and parents in a dense forest called Dindirvan.
His parents were great devotees of Lord Krishna. 
After his marriage, influenced by his wife...he started to ill-treat his parents very much.
The ill-treatment was so much that his Parents decided to go on a Pilgrimage to KASHI to escape Pundalik and his wife's treachery.  

When Pundalik’s wife learnt about this, she forced Pundalik to join the old couple and both Pundalik and his wife  joined the old couple along with a  group of pilgrims on horseback.

The Old Couple instead of escaping from ill-treatment actually started receiving more punishment from Pundalik and his wife during the whole journey.
While the son and his wife rode on horseback, the old couple walked.

During the journey, when the Party of this Pilgrims camped for night, Pundalik forced his parents to groom his horse and do other jobs and took DEEP SLEEP himself. The Poor parents were left cursing the day they had decided to go on a Pilgrimage.


Soon, the Party reached the Ashram of the Great Sage, KUKKUTSWAMI.
The Team decided to spend a couple of nights in the Ashram.
All the members in the Party were very tired after the long journey and feel asleep immediately. Somehow Pundalik was not able to get sleep. As he was tossing and turning in his bed....he noticed a strange thing.
Just before Day-break, he saw a Group of 3 Beautiful Young Women, who were dressed in Dirty clothes, enter the Ashram.
They cleaned the floor of the Ashram, fetched Water and washed the Sage’s clothes. They entered the Inner Room of the Ashram and when they came out....their dirty clothes had turned into beautifully clean clothes.
And passing by Pundalik, they just vanished in thin Air.
Pundalik was shocked by the what he had seen. But he kept the matter to himself.
Next night, strangely, he saw the same sight again.
The same 3 women came in Dirty clothes, washed the Sage’s clothers, fetched the water, cleaned the Floor of the Ashram and as soon as they came out of the Inner Room of the Ashram...their clothes had turned once again into clean and beautiful clothes.
Pundalik could not resist himself and threw himself at the women’s feet and begged them to tell who they were.
One Women said “We are Ganga, Yamuna and all the Holy rivers”. “People take a dip and bath in us to wash away their sins. The impurity of their mind, body and soul makes us dirty. That’s why you see our clothers in such dirty condition”.

Pundalik was amazed with their answer..

Pundalik wondered how a saint like Kukkut who had not visited Kashi was such holy and powerful that the three holy rivers came down to purify his ashram.

The three women, reading Pundalik’s mind told him “Spirituality, Devotion, Piety does not depend on visiting Holy Places or doing Pooja/rituals but in performing one’s Karma.”
Sage Kukkutswami had served and nursed his parents with utmost devotion all his life. He thus has accumulated enough PUNYA to earn MOKSHA and bring us, the 3 rivers, down the earth to serve him”.
Turning red with anger, they continued “But, you, Pundalik, are the biggest sinner of all because of the way you treat your Parents” and looked at him scornfully.

It was a shocker and a rude awakening for Pundalik. This brought a Transformation in Pundalik’s thinking and attitude.
He decided to take care of his old parents before everything else, even God and started serving with utmost devotion and care.

The tide had turned.
Pundalik managed to convince his wife too to start caring for his parents.
Immediately, from the next day, the Parents rode the Horses while Pundalik and his wife walked by their side.
Pundalik started to massage his parents feets when they were sleeping. The Parents were thrilled and seeing the change in Pundalik and his wife, decided to return back to Dindirvan.

One day it so happened that Lord Krishna, the King of Dwarka, while feeling lonely, was reminded of his early days in Mathura. He particularly remembered his sports with the milkmaids, the cowherd boys, and his love, Radha. Though she was dead, he longed to see her again. By his divine powers he brought her back to life and seated her by his side. Just then his queen, Rukmini, entered the room. When Radha did not rise to pay her respect, Rukmini left Dwarka in anger and hid herself in Dindirvan forest. Later, Lord Krishna set off in search of Rukmini. He first went to Mathura, then to Gokul. He met the milkmaids and cowherd boys. They too joined in the search. They went to Mount Govardhan in her search.
At last they reached the banks of the river Bhima or Chandrabhaga in the Deccan. Krishna left his companions at Goplapura, and he himself entered Dindirvan forest alone in search of her. At last he found her and managed to calm her.


Since he was in Dindirvan and Sage Narada was singing praises of Pundalik’s devotion to his parents, the Lord decided to visit Pundalik’s house.
But, when he went to his house, Pundalik was busy massaging his father’s feet.
The Lord called Pundalik and said “Pundalik, I am Lord Krishna. Come outside”
Pundalik could see that it was indeed the Lord who was outside but for him now, it was his parents who were supreme even than the Lord.
He wanted to finish his duties and then attend the Lord. Pundalik had reached such a stage, it did not matter that it was the Lord himself standing. All that mattered was his service to his parents.

Pundalik observed that the floor where Lord Krishna was standing was wet. Hence, he threw a brick outside for lord Krishna to stand upon and said "Please stand on the Brick, my Lord. I will finish my duty to my father and come to you". 

Impressed by Pundalik’s devotion to his parents, Lord Krishna did not mind the delay. Standing on the brick he waited for Pundalik. When Pundalik came out and begged God’s pardon

Lord Krishna replied that far from being displeased, he was pleased with his love for his parents.
Moved by this devotion of Pundalik to his parents Lord Krishna blessed him and asked him to ask a boon.
Pundalik asked that the Lord should remain on earth and bless and take care of his devotees.
Lord Krishna agreed to stay there and is known as Vithoba or the Lord who stands on a brick.
The present deity of Panduranga is in this posture, that of a small boy waiting patiently on a piece of brick. The hands on the hip actually reflects the boyish nature of Lord Krishna.
This form of the Lord Vithoba is Swayambhu which means that his idol has not been carved or etched but it came into existence on its own.
Pundalika Temple:

The Pundalika Temple is about half a km from the Vitthala Temple. This temple marks the spot where Pundalika, the Lord’s devotee, spent the last years of his life and also is place of his Samadhi. It is on the riverbank of Chandrabhaga.

Friday, July 13, 2018

"What is Meditation" - by Sri Ramana Maharshi


*What is Meditation?*
_*as explained by Sri Ramana Maharishi_*

*This was a question haunting a small boy. Their parents were at wit's end, as they could not explain it in a simple language the boy could comprehend.*

*Once the family went for a darshan of Sri Ramana Maharishi. The boy put forward his question to Ramana Maharishi.*

*Sri Ramana laughed to himself. Then with smiling face, he asked his devotee to serve the boy dosa from the kitchen.*

*So, on a plantain leaf, a dosa was served. Sri Ramana looked at the boy and said,*
*”Now I will say "hmm" *
*Then only you should start eating.*
*Then again I will say "hmm" After that no piece of dosa should be left on your plate."*
*The boy agreed. He was so excited. Others were watching expectantly.*

*Now the boy was eagerly waiting for the signal by looking at Sri Ramana's face. When he gave the signal "hmm" the boy started eating. Now his attention was on Sri Ramana. He wanted to finish dosa before the next signal. The boy was eating dosa in a hurry, tearing big chunks of dosa,  but, all the time keeping his attention on Sri Ramana. The dosa was reducing in size gradually. There was a small piece left. The boy was looking anxiously  at Sri Ramana for the second signal. The moment he gave the  signal, the boy immediately put the dosa in his mouth.*

*Now Sri Ramana asked him "where was your attention till now? On me or on Dosa?"*

*The boy replied " On both"*

*Shri Ramana said "Yes. You were actively involved in finishing dosa, with your attention on me. You were not distracted at all.*

*Like this when you do your daily activities with your attention or thoughts on God in the background, it is known as meditation."*

*The two signals "hmm" are birth & death. Within these two events, one can engage in meditation, as demonstrated by Sri Ramana Maharishi. But to understand this we all need Divine Grace to mellow & mature. We all differ from each other and hence take different time to comprehend this great truth.*

*May God bless us with His Divine Grace, Love and Blessings! 🙏🏼😊*

*Wishing you most & more.*
_*🌹Jai Shree Krishna 🌹*_

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Its a rarity to find temple of Lord VARAHA SWAMY, the 3rd Avatar of Lord Vishnu.

One of such rare temples is the Beautiful temple located at Kallahalli, near Pandavapur in Mandya District, Karnataka.


The hugely impressive LORD VARAHASWAMY is Standing 15 feet tall (with base), Lord Varaha holds a 3.5 foot high Bhu Devi on His lap.
Lord Varaha is the 3rd Avatar of Lord Vishnu. 

River Hemavathi flows next to the temple. Due to its strong undercurrents, Swimming is to be avoided in the River.
The temple was in neglected condition even just a couple of years ago.
Now, it is being renovated and by the looks of is emerging as a very attractive one.

There are several stories and legends associated with the temple
1. The most popular one is...
King Veera Ballala (son of King Vishnu Vardhana)  while resting after a tiring Hunting , noticed a Strange phenomenon....
A dog was chasing a Rabbit and at a particular point.....the rabbit turned and started chasing the Dog!!!
The Shocked King was convinced that the place had something divine/magical and started to dig the place.
To his surprise, he found a deity of LORD VARAHASWAMY hidden under the layers of the Earth.
The King then had a Temple built for the Lord.
The current temple structure is the remains of that original temple.

2. Legend goes that when the Krishnaraja Sagar dam was being constructed, more than 20 villages in the vicinity were submerged. Inhabitants feared Kallahalli too would meet the same fate, but it miraculously survived, even though the Varaha temple is at the confluence of three rivers -- the Cauvery, Hemavathi and Lakshmanatheertha.

When the temple started flooding due to Kaveri backwaters, Laksmi Devi flung open the roof of the temple & went to a nearby tirtha, Melkote.The hole through which she escaped is star-shaped, & a stone slab of the same shape & size was found lying in Dodda Gadiganahalli village.
Archaeologists have confirmed that it is the same stone as that of the temple
Hence, it is said that for both Land (mother Earth) and Money (Devi Lakshmi), a devotee has to visit both the Varaha Swamy Temple as well as the Cheluva Narayanaswamy Temple in Melkote.

Gauthama Rishi installed the Deity more than 2000 years ago. 

The temple consists of a garbhagruha, antardwara and navaranga. In the sanctum, Lord Varaha sits with Bhu Devi on His lap. His lower right hand is in abhaya mudra, with chakra and shankh in His upper hands, and His remaining arm around Bhu Devi.
Lord Varaha wears kirita-mukhuta, while Bhu Devi wear karanda-mukhuta, and she holds a lotus. The Lord's tusks are lighter in colour and His eyes have a red tinge. The Deity (moolamurti) is salagrama-shila, and has Sudarshana Chakra on His back.

Benefits associated with visiting this Temple
Lord Vishnu took the Avatar of Lord Varaha Swamy to rescue Mother Earth from the demon Hiranyaksha.
The grateful Mother Earth assured all devotees who worshipp Lord Varaha Swamy will be blessed with Land, Property and Position. Locals also say that TAKING A BRICK FROM HERE AND WORSHIPPING IT DAILY WILL HELP EASE YOUR BUILDING CONSTRUCTION.
And these beliefs are making this temple more and more famous

For More details you can contact
Sri Brahmatantra Swatantra Parakala Mutt, Mysore (This mutt manages the Temple)
Phone number - 0821-2422536
The Priest of the temple are
Sri Srinivasa Raghavan - 9448011535
Sri K.R.Nagesha Rao - 9449009711

Thank you very much Sahana Rao for valuable inputs

Sunday, May 20, 2018


1)This is temple of Goddess Bhadrakali in Warangal built in 7th century

It is believed that Kohinoor, one of the world's largest cut diamonds, originally belonged to the crown of this Goddess.The temple was looted and destroyed by Allauddin Khilji in early 14th century

2) Allauddin Khilji's court poet Amir Khusrau in his  Khazain Ul-Futuh( "treasures of victory") describes with glee how Allauddin Khilji destroyed temples & looted valuables from temples in South India

Khusrau was totally awestruck by  such diamonds as never seen or heard before

3) Looted from Bhadrakali temple, the diamond Kohinoor was later seized by  Mughals and ultimately usurped by British

Today, the Kohinoor diamond lies in the crown of Queen Of England. The crown is estimated to be worth $10-12 billion

4) The Black Orlov diamond is the largest black diamond in the world. It  once weighed 195 Carats. It is also called "Eye of Brahma" diamond

The diamond was once the eye of a Murti of Lord Brahma in a Hindu temple in Pondicherry. It was stolen by a Jesuit "monk" and is now in US

5) The White Orlov diamond is a large diamond (190 Carats). It was the eye of Lord Vishnu(Ranganatha) in Srirangam, Tamilnadu

A french soldier in 18th century posed as a Hindu convert and lived in temple. One day he secretly plucked out eyes and looted diamonds. Now in Russia

6)The Hope Diamond  is one of the largest Blue diamonds in the world(originally 116 Carats).The diamond was reportedly stolen by a French gem merchant by plucking out eyes of Goddess Sita idol
There's a famous legend that the diamond is cursed. It is now in US

Worth:$350 Million

7) Loot also happens in secular Indian state which controls only Hindu temples.
The Raj Pink diamond  auctioned at $30 million in Geneva is reportedly the same diamond donated by Mysore Maharaja to Lord Vishnu in Tirupati. It was with TTD board until 2001

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Sanchita karma

True pictorial depiction of human life:-

Here, the Elephant is the Sanchita karma which is the total lot of karmas stored on the soul.
Snakes in the well are the  karmas awaiting you in this birth.
The Branch of the tree is the current precarious life we are leading, with the white rat representing day and the black rat representing night.

Thus the rats of time are eating away our life. And so many karmas are waiting to trouble you.
In this utmost dangerous situation, man is busy tasting honey drops from a bee's nest. It means, man is busy enjoying the pleasures of the world ignorant of the karmas awaiting to trouble him.
Lord Shri Krishna is extending his loving hand but we neglect god in the process of sipping honey....... We are not able to think of God and hold onto Him  who is the best support during our times of trouble. This is how we are leading our life in samsara, lost in the pleasures of the world!!!

Thursday, February 22, 2018


*The Beggar King*

A great flood threatened a city in olden times. The waters were up to the palace doors. The king and the queen in the interest of the prince's safety put the baby in a basket to prevent it from drowning. Unfortunately, in the confusion that followed, they lost sight of the baby's basket.

The crown prince was separated from his parents. The basket with the baby prince went far with the flooding waters and finally ended up near the home of a poor family. They took care of the baby the best they could; no one knew that he was the crown prince. The prince was raised in poverty and as a beggar in the street. For a livelihood, the prince would spend most of the day begging; he too, did not know that he was really the crown prince. Thus, he would become happy if someone gave him something to eat or some money, and would be sad if he did not get any food or money from begging.
Now, the prince had a birthmark that the king and queen knew of. They searched high and low through the kingdom discreetly for a person with that birthmark. Luckily, after many years they finally found the prince, raised as a beggar. Suddenly the beggar's life changed. He was well cared for, educated, and raised to be the next king. He was very happy, as now he spent his time in luxury and learning from the best. A few years later, the king died and the prince was crowned king. He ruled his subjects well.

One day, the beggar prince who turned king, was thinking about his life; he reflected where his life had taken him. Suddenly, he felt like going back to the street and begging, just for the experience of it. So disguised as beggar, he went begging for a day. Just like before, some people gave him money or food, and some people did not.
However, this time he did not feel anything if he got anything or not from begging. Whether people gave him money or not, he continued to be at peace, because inside the disguise he knew he was the king.

*Moral:* This story teaches us about who we really are. Each of us is a child of God; God’s Blissful soul is in each of us. However, we do not realize it and do not feel Bliss. When something bad happens to us, we feel bad; when something good happens to us, we feel happy. In life, something good or bad will always happen to us.
However, if we want to be Blissful all the time, we have to do spiritual practice, that is, realize that we are God’s children with His Blissful soul in us. Then, we will live like the beggar king in this story.