Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Sanchita karma

True pictorial depiction of human life:-

Here, the Elephant is the Sanchita karma which is the total lot of karmas stored on the soul.
Snakes in the well are the  karmas awaiting you in this birth.
The Branch of the tree is the current precarious life we are leading, with the white rat representing day and the black rat representing night.

Thus the rats of time are eating away our life. And so many karmas are waiting to trouble you.
In this utmost dangerous situation, man is busy tasting honey drops from a bee's nest. It means, man is busy enjoying the pleasures of the world ignorant of the karmas awaiting to trouble him.
Lord Shri Krishna is extending his loving hand but we neglect god in the process of sipping honey....... We are not able to think of God and hold onto Him  who is the best support during our times of trouble. This is how we are leading our life in samsara, lost in the pleasures of the world!!!

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